the hitemco blog: what's on our mind?


For most of our long history, to the external world we have been a pretty quiet company.   Internally, things are very loud and lively.   We solve problems.   Lots of problems.   Materials problems, automation problems, supply chain problems, IT problems, and on and on.    Our shift to a new web platform allows us to keep our site fresh and also gives us the chance to share some of our thinking with you with our new blog tab .   We will share what technical developments we are watching, industry trends, business concepts, innovative materials that might be of interest, what we are working on, notable things that our customers or partners are involved in, and occasional random stuff we just think is cool, amusing, or important.

We hope that you will follow us (RSS feed), give us some feedback, share with friends, and send us some ideas that you want us to research or write about.

Before we share more of our thinking we thought you might enjoy this great video from Derek Mueller (Veritasium) called "The Science of Thinking".   You can watch it here.