After 68 years in the aerospace industry, and having a hand in producing every single C-17 in the Air Force’s inventory, an original Rosie the Riveter got her first flight in one on Monday.

Some technologies and a ton of good deeds are sometimes hidden from view and tucked away behind a bulkhead, wing tip or under a cowling. These components, services and actions are needed for overall flight requirements, and typically elude attention and remain unacknowledged. As such, sometimes Hitemco’s role in providing critical surfaces on critical aerospace technologies for turbofan engines, rockets, and landing gear, are also usually also hidden from view, or, can be easily taken for granted. 

Into this same category falls ’ Rosie the Riveter ’ which was an honored title given to women who answered the call and contributed a critical role in the WWII, USA military manufacturing mission. It is heartening to see this acknowledgement go to group of hard working Americans whose dedication, determination and actions were crucial at a critical time in history, and the acknowledgment and award for ' Rosie the Riveter ' can be viewed here.