Yes, we serve a lot of industries.

Industries and Application Examples include:

Aerospace (Commercial and Military):

  • Diffusion Coatings for applications including hot section turbine engine components, blades, vanes, shrouds for protection from oxidation, corrosion and sulfidation.
  • Oxidation protection for refractory alloys for Rocket Thrusters utilized for military and commercial satellites, and Orbital Vehicles
  • Hard Chrome Alternative HVOF Coatings for Landing Gear Components, Pistons and Actuators (Precision Ground Surfaces with Sophisticated Finishing Capabilities as well)
  • Plasma Coatings for Engines for Wear, Oxidation and Thermal Protection
  • Jet Turbines Nickel Graphite Abradable coatings
  • Thermal Barrier and Wear Plasma Coatings

Ground Based Turbines

  • Abradable Coatings to Prevent Air Seal Gaps


  • Coatings for Oxidation, Wear Resistance and Power Efficiency

Hydrogen Fuel Cells/ Solid Oxide Fuel Cells

  • Coatings for Performance Improvement and to prevent “Cell Poisoning”


  • Emissivity Coatings for CT and X-Ray Devices