Quality Conformances

ISO 9001:2008 and AS9100 Rev C
Thermal Spray and Diffusion Coatings for Aerospace, Commercial and Military Applications; excluding design and service. 

• ANSI/NCSLZ540-1 Calibration
• DOD Certified working under DCMA Surveillance
• NQA-1 Quality Assurance Requirements for Nuclear Applications
• ITAR Compliance

NADCAP Certifications

AC7109 Rev D - Nadcap Coatings

AC7109/1 Rev C - Nadcap Thermal Spray
- High Velocity Oxy Fuel (HVOF) / High Velocity Air Fuel (HVAF)
- Oxy/Fuel Thermal Spray
- Plasma Thermal Spray
- Sealing
- Stripping
- Thickness – Mechanical

AC7109/3 Rev E - Nadcap Diffusion Coating Processes
- Pack Process – Above Pack
- Pack Process – In Pack

AC7109/4 Rev C - Nadcap Stripping Grit Blast

AC7109/5 Rev E - Nadcap Coating Evaluations
- Laboratory Bond Strength – Bend
- Bond Strength – Lap Shear
- Bond Strength – Tensile
- Erosion – Ambient
- Hardness – Hoffman Scratch
- Hardness – Rockwell
- Metallography/Microstructure
- Microindentation Hardness – Vickers
- Oxidation
- Residual Stress
- Thickness – Metallographic

AC7109/7 Rev D - Nadcap Heat Treating For Suppliers of Coatings
- Aging
- Solutioning

Laboratory Services

• Our on-site Metallurgical Laboratory is PWA LCS approved with personnel who are trained and certified to GE polishing standards. SQR; both GE and PWA Certified.

• Phillips X-Ray Defraction, a high temperature space reentry simulator; ballistic impact tester, particle speed graphic camera, optical comparator, air test furnaces.

• Laboratory testing capabilities include; Superficial, Certified Metallographers for Micro & Macro hardness, Tensile Bond to 15,000 lbs, Stereo Microscopes with Image Analysis Software, Automated Sample Polishing equipment for Cross section metallography analysis, Almen strip, Bend, Hoffman Scratch, Lag Shear, Oxidation and Erosion testing. Our Lab’s latest addition is a CMM.